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VLS 8800

VLS 8800 Features:

  • Viewing and Recording: Still picture and video recording capability via removable SD card for documentation, record retention and training
  • “Video Out” for video transmission to other external monitors
  • Integrated rechargeable lithium battery

Best in Class Video Capability

  • Near-high definition images feature 2X the resolution of competitive technologies
  • “Instant On” video monitor for immediate functionality.
  • “Video Out” for video transmission to external monitors.

Ease of Use

  • Move seamlessly from traditional direct laryngoscopy to video view with the click of a blade and flip of a switch.
  • Convenient, easy to view 8-inch monitor mounted on custom roll stand with storage trays and electronic strip.
  • Video blades available in VLS sizes 2, 3 and 4A for more difficult, anterior laryngeal anatomies.
  • Disposable blade cover also available: the VLS 4000 disposable plastic sheath system in VLS 4A design.
  • VLS handles fit and power all IntuBrite direct and video laryngoscopy blades. Move seamlessly between traditional direct laryngoscopy to a video view with the VLS handle by simply changing blades.
  • Easy sterilization of components.


  • High tech, yet simple components designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in challenging environments.
  • Video blades and handles constructed of durable, stainless steel and aluminum materials, and drop tested to 48 inches.


  • Still picture and video recording via removable SD card-based documentation and record retention.


  • Higher quality with more capability at far less cost than competitor devices.