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At IntuBrite, we’ve had a unique opportunity to learn what customers really desire in video laryngoscope devices through their real-world experiences. Simply put, they want familiar, easy to use, reliable and economical equipment that features state-of-the-art technology, and the full solution to their needs hasn’t existed. Until now…


Ultilizing IntuBrite’s proprietary UV/White LED lighting system for bright and glareless illumination, traditional handle/blade equipment style and intubation techniques, coupled with the latest in electronics and hi-resolution camera technology, IntuBrite presents its hi-resolution video laryngoscope system, the IntuBrite VLS.


IntuBrite’s unique video system makes transitioning from direct visualization intubation to video capability quick and seamless, producing image resolutions approaching true “high definition” video standards, or approximately twice the resolution of other “hi-resolution” models available today. And perhaps the best news is that IntuBrite’s VLS system is also affordably priced, placing high-quality video laryngoscopy within the reach of all providers.


VLS 6600 System Includes:


  • 3.5” Handle Mount Display
  • Integrated DVR W/4GB SD Card
  • Remote Keyboard for easy DVR scan
  • Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 1 Video Laryngoscope Blade
  • 1 Video Handle
  • Available with a durable, high visibility Pelican case or compact soft case




Best in Class Video Capability


  • Near-high definition images feature 2X the resolution of competitive technologies
  • Patented IntuBrite White/UV LED combination for enhanced airway illumination
  • Modular design allows custom component setup for any video laryngoscopy need, in any environment


Flexible Componentry


  • Attachable handle-mounted monitor/DVR with tilt and 360 degree swivel capability


Ease of Use


  • No new training: Use familiar direct laryngoscopy techniques
  • Video handles operate all IntuBrite laryngoscope blades: Original disposable, reusable and new high resolution video blades
  • Move seamlessly from traditional direct laryngoscopy to video view
  • “Instant On” video monitors for immediate functionality
  • Easy care and sterilization of handle and blade components




  • High tech, simple to operate components built to withstand the rigors of daily use in challenging environments
  • Connectors and cabling designed for stability, durability and convenient cleaning


Viewing and Recording


  • Still picture and video recording capability via removable SD card for documentation and retention




  • Higher quality video system with more capability at less cost than comparable competitor devices


Blade Size Options


  • Video blades available in pediatric VLS 2, adult VLS 3 and VLS 4A for difficult adult intubations